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Video: Top 10 Greatest Zombie Horror Movies

Top 10 Greatest Zombie Horror Movies

Here is my video with top 10 greatest zombie horror movies of all time. After viewing the video of my top undead horror movies, head on over to YouTube and rate the video and leave comments.

We are talking about the top ten greatest zombie horror movies of all time. Whether they are fast zombies or slow zombies, these undead horror movies are my favorites.

Zombie movies have had a fascinating path to the mainstream. For decades, the creatures didn’t have much of a presence or definition outside Voodoo lore, radioactive humanoids, and the unforgettable art of E.C. Comics. Zombies were scarcely used, and when they were, they were a pretty far cry from the cannibalistic flesh-hungry creatures of the undead we know and love today. Then a gentleman and pioneering filmmaker named George A. Romero came along and changed the game forever.

Romero didn’t invent the zombie as he’s often credited, but he did redefine it into a universal concept and establish the mold from which nearly every other zombie movie has sprung in the near-fifty years since Night of the Living Dead arrived in theaters. Throughout his career, he would continue to evolve the idea of the zombie film, first with his satirical Dawn of the Dead, then with the divisive and political Day of the Dead, and ultimately for the rest of the career. Never satisfied to repeat his previous work, Romero was always ahead of the curve, reacting to the world and cinematic landscapes around him to set new trends.

But zombies movies are more than just Romero films so let’s see what we have on this list.

Check out the videos for the top 10 best anthology horror movies and the top ten horror movies from 2019.

Let me know which zombies movies you enjoyed and which ones should be on this list that I did not like as much as you did.

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