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About FearShop.com Horror Podcast

Welcome to the FearShop.com Horror Podcast. FHP is a bi-weekly horror podcast hosted by Mike and his son Xavier. The co-hosts are able to offer two unique perspectives on horror movies. Mike has been around for a while and has been watching horror films for more than a minute. Xavier is his son and has not seen some of the classics yet so he gets the benefit of seeing some of these classic horror movies for the first time.

FHP History

The history of FHP goes back to 2008 when the original FearShop.com Horror Podcast was launched with co-hosts Frank and Mike. That show ran for about five years and over a hundred episodes. The original show took a long hiatus. But, the show is back with Xavier and Mike having fun, bonding and father and son both having a love for horror. A huge shout-out goes out to Frank for hosting the original version of the podcast.

Next Episode:
The Loved Ones (2009), Prom Night (1980)